10 Best Audio Enhancers AI Tools in 2024

Mukul Rana
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Best Audio Enhancer AI Tools

Imagine having a magic wand that can transform your scratchy recordings or noisy podcasts into crisp, professional-sounding audio. That’s the power of AI audio enhancers! These tools use artificial intelligence to analyze and improve audio quality, removing background noise, enhancing speech clarity, and even applying mastering effects.

Top 10 AI Audio Enhancer Tools

  1. Adobe Audition
  2. LANDR
  4. Descript
  5. Adobe Podcast AI
  6. VEED.IO
  7. Auphonic
  8. AI Mastering
  9. Krisp
  10. NoiseReducer

Adobe Audition

Industry-standard audio editing software with powerful AI features for audio restoration, mastering, and sound design.


  • AI-powered audio cleanup and restoration
  • Intelligent voice leveling and compression
  • One-click background noise reduction
  • Customizable audio mastering presets

Pros & Cons

Most comprehensive audio editing toolsetExpensive monthly subscription
Professional-grade resultsSteeper learning curve


Web-based mastering platform that uses AI to analyze and enhance your music for various streaming platforms.


  • AI-powered mastering for different genres
  • Upload and export in various file formats
  • Reference track mastering
  • Detailed audio analysis report

Pros & Cons

Easy-to-use interfaceLimited editing capabilities
Affordable plansNot ideal for complex audio restoration


Cloud-based platform specializing in AI-powered audio source separation and audio restoration.


  • High-precision AI stem splitting (vocals, instruments)
  • Background noise reduction and vocal enhancement
  • Audio upscaler for improving audio quality
  • Large sound effects library

Pros & Cons

Excellent for audio source separationLimited editing tools
Subscription plans can be expensive for occasional use


All-in-one audio and video editing platform with built-in AI transcription, editing features, and audio enhancement tools.


  • AI-powered noise reduction and background removal
  • Overdub with text-to-speech generation
  • Easy-to-use editing interface
  • Cloud collaboration tools

Pros & Cons

Ideal for video editors and podcastersLimited audio mastering options
Free plan with basic featuresPaid plans needed for advanced features

Adobe Podcast AI

Web-based AI tool from Adobe specifically designed to enhance audio quality for podcasts.


  • Automatic background noise reduction and speech enhancement
  • Voice leveling and balancing
  • Essential audio editing tools
  • Integrates with Adobe Audition

Pros & Cons

Simple and intuitive interfaceLimited features compared to Audition
Free basic planPaid plans for advanced features


Online video editing platform with built-in AI audio enhancement tools for quick audio fixes.


  • AI-powered noise reduction and background removal
  • Text-to-speech generation
  • Simple audio editing tools
  • Cloud-based editing and collaboration

Pros & Cons

Easy to use for beginnersLimited audio editing capabilities
Free plan with basic featuresPaid plans needed for advanced editing


All-in-one web platform for audio post-production with AI-powered mastering, loudness correction, and audio restoration.


  • AI-powered audio mastering for various broadcast standards
  • Automatic noise reduction and speech leveling
  • Multi-channel audio processing
  • Detailed audio reports

Pros & Cons

Automated mastering for professional resultsLimited free plan features
Can be expensive for casual users

AI Mastering

Web-based platform specializing in AI-powered audio mastering for music producers and mastering.


  • AI-assisted audio mastering with customization options
  • Target loudness adjustments
  • Detailed spectrum and loudness analysis reports
  • Output format customization

Pros & Cons

Affordable pricingCan lack the fine-tuning of a human mastering engineer
Easy-to-use for beginners


AI-powered noise-canceling app ideal for real-time communication on video calls and conferencing platforms.


  • Real-time noise cancellation for microphone and speaker audio
  • Mutes background noise to improve communication clarity
  • Lightweight app for desktop and mobile

Pros & Cons

Works with any communication platformSubscription-based service
Very effective noise reductionLimited audio editing features


Simple online AI tool designed to quickly improve audio quality with a focus on noise reduction and enhancement.


  • One-click AI audio cleanup and enhancement
  • Auto volume adjustment and optimization
  • Basic audio editing functions
  • Easy, intuitive interface

Pros & Cons

User-friendly and freeLimited features compared to professional tools
Ideal for quick fixesNot suitable for complex audio projects

Comparison Table

To help you choose the right tool, here’s a table outlining important factors:

ToolKey FeaturesIdeal forPrice Range
Adobe AuditionProfessional-grade editing, AI audio restoration, masteringAudio professionals, content creators, music producers$20-50 per month
LANDRAI-powered mastering, distribution toolsMusicians, producers seeking quick mastering solutions$9-50 per month
LALAL.AIHigh-precision stem separation, audio restorationDJs, remixers, music producers$18-100 per month
DescriptAll-in-one editing, transcription, AI enhancementPodcasters, video editors$12-30 per month
Adobe Podcast AIPodcast-focused enhancement, ease of usePodcastersFree (basic), paid plans for advanced features
VEED.IOSimple AI audio cleanup within video editingVideo editors, bloggersFree (limited features), paid plans
AuphonicAutomated audio mastering, loudness correctionPodcasters, content creators, broadcasters$11-89 per month
AI MasteringMusic-specific AI masteringMusicians, producers$9-39 per month
KrispReal-time noise cancellation for calls and communicationProfessionals, remote workersFree (limited features), paid plans
Audo.aiQuick one-click audio fixes, noise reductionBeginners, content creators looking for simple solutionsFree (Limited features), paid plans

Choosing the Best Tool

The right AI audio enhancer for you depends on these factors:

  • Your needs: Consider whether you need professional editing, just mastering and cleanup, or specialized features like stem splitting.
  • Budget: Tools range from free basic options to more expensive professional-grade suites.
  • Ease of use: Complex tools might have a learning curve, while others are quick and easy.
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