11 Useful Telegram Bot For Students in 2024

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Useful Telegram Bot For Students

 A Telegram bot is a small, automated program that runs within the Telegram messaging platform. These bots are created using Telegram’s Bot API and offer a variety of functions and services, interacting with users through a conversational interface.

Function as Accounts: Telegram bots, unlike regular users, have their own dedicated accounts and profiles. However, they are controlled by software code rather than individual people.

Telegram Bots

  • Deliver content: Provide news, weather updates, or customized information feeds.
  • Offer services: Facilitate order placement, file conversions, translations, or task management.
  • Play games: Enable single-player or multiplayer gaming experiences directly within Telegram.
  • Connect to IoT: Interface with smart devices and Internet of Things (IoT) systems.
  • Enhance social interaction: Facilitate group chats, add fun elements, or moderate conversations.
  • Automate tasks: Set reminders, schedule messages, or trigger actions based on specific commands.

Key Benefits of Telegram Bots

  • Automation: Streamline tasks and processes, saving time and effort.
  • Customization: Bots can be tailored to specific needs and use cases.
  • Accessibility: Easily discoverable within Telegram, no external downloads required.
  • Integration: Connect Telegram to other services, web apps, or IoT systems.
  • Engagement: Provide novel and interactive ways for users to connect on Telegram.

How to Use Telegram Bots?

1. Finding Telegram Bots

  • Bot Directories: Check out websites dedicated to listing Telegram bots:
    • Storebot: [invalid URL removed]
    • tdirectory: [invalid URL removed]
  • Inline Search: Search within Telegram itself. Type “@” followed by a search term in the text box, and relevant bots will appear (e.g., “@gif” for GIF bots).
  • Word of Mouth: Discover bots through recommendations from friends or online communities.

2. Adding Bots to Telegram

  • Start a Conversation: Search for the bot’s username in Telegram and start a chat. You’ll often see a designated /start command as the first message.
  • Adding to Groups: If you’re an admin of a group, you can add bots directly:
    1. Go to your group’s settings.
    2. Tap “Add Members” and search for the bot’s username.

3. Interacting with Bots

  • Commands: Most bots use text commands starting with “/”. Type “/” to see suggestions or get the bot’s help menu (usually with /help).
  • Buttons: Some bots provide custom keyboards with buttons for actions or choices.
  • Inline Queries: Type “@” followed by the bot’s username directly within a chat’s text box to send content or get quick results from the bot.

4. Managing Your Bots

  • BotFather: The official Telegram “BotFather” bot lets you manage your created bots. It’s also useful for finding basic information about other bots.
  • Settings: Typically, bots have their own settings section. You might find a /settings command or a dedicated button within the bot’s chat.

Example: Using the “@gif” bot

  1. Start a chat with @gif
  2. Type “@gif funny cats” in the text box
  3. The bot will present you with a selection of relevant GIFs.
  4. Tap on a GIF to send it to the chat.

11 Useful Telegram Bot For Students

S.NOTelegram BotUsernameDescription
1)Feed Reader Bot@TheFeedReaderBotMonitors RSS feeds, Twitter, YouTube channels, and more.
2)Zoom Bot@zoombotSchedules and joins Zoom meetings directly in Telegram.
3)Eddy Travels Bot@eddytravels_botSearches for deals on flights and hotels.
4)GameBot@gamebotPlay games solo or with friends within Telegram chats.
5) Get Media Bot@GetMediaBotDownloads videos, music, and other media content.
6)Skeddy Bot@SkeddyBotSets reminders for tasks, appointments, and events.
7)New File Converter Telegram Bot@newfileconverterbotConverts files between many formats.
8)DropMail Bot@dropmailbotCreates temporary email addresses.
9)OpenMember Telegram Bot@OpenMemberBotManages memberships in Telegram groups and channels.
10)IFTTT Bot@IFTTTConnects Telegram with other services and devices using IFTTT automation.
11)Babelgram Bot@BabelgramBotTranslates text content between languages.
12)Combot@combotManages Telegram groups and channels (admin bot).
13)Alert Bot@alertbotGets customized alerts based on various triggers.
14)Telegram AI ChatbotVariesConversational experiences with AI (various bots).

1. Feed Reader Bot (@TheFeedReaderBot)

  • What it does: This bot is your one-stop-shop for content updates. Subscribe to RSS feeds, YouTube channels, Twitter profiles, and more. It delivers new content right to your Telegram chats.
  • Why it’s useful: Stay informed without constantly switching between websites or apps. Centralize updates from your favorite news sources, blogs, creators, and social media accounts.

2. Zoom Bot (@zoombot)

  • What it does: Integrates Zoom seamlessly into Telegram. Schedule new meetings, start instant meetings, receive reminders, and access your meeting history.
  • Why it’s useful: If your team or group uses Zoom heavily, this streamlines the entire meeting process without having to jump out of Telegram.

3. Eddy Travels Bot (@eddytravels_bot)

  • What it does: Searches for the cheapest flight tickets and the best hotel deals according to your specified destinations and travel dates.
  • Why it’s useful: Potentially save money through comparison searches. This bot might uncover deals you’d miss searching manually on individual airline and hotel sites.

4. GameBot (@gamebot)

  • What it does: Turns Telegram into a mini gaming arcade. Choose from a selection of simple but engaging games to play solo or challenge your friends.
  • Why it’s useful: Adds a fun, social element to your Telegram chats. Great for quick entertainment.

5. Get Media Bot (@GetMediaBot)

  • What it does: Downloads media from various sources. It can handle videos, audio, and other file types from popular platforms.
  • Why it’s useful: Enables offline access to the content you find online.

6. Skeddy Bot (@SkeddyBot)

  • What it does: Acts as your ultimate reminder system. Set reminders for one-time events, recurring tasks, birthdays, or anything you need to remember.
  • Why it’s useful: Helps you stay organized and on top of your deadlines and events.

7. New File Converter Telegram Bot (@newfileconverterbot)

  • What it does: Handles file conversions between a vast range of formats. Supports documents, images, videos, audio, ebooks, and more.
  • Why it’s useful: Eliminates the need for external conversion websites or dedicated software. Get your files converted quickly and easily.

8. DropMail Bot (@dropmailbot)

  • What it does: Generates disposable, temporary email addresses. Receive emails at these addresses and then discard them.
  • Why it’s useful: Protects your main email from spam or when signing up for services you only want to use briefly.

9. OpenMember Telegram Bot (@OpenMemberBot)

  • What it does: Manages subscriptions and memberships within Telegram groups or channels. Controls access to paid content or communities.
  • Why it’s useful: For content creators or group admins looking to monetize or set up exclusive member-only areas within Telegram.

10. IFTTT Bot (@IFTTT)

  • What it does: Connects Telegram to the powerful IFTTT (If This Then That) automation platform. Create “recipes” that trigger actions in Telegram based on events in other apps or services.
  • Why it’s useful: The possibilities are vast. Get notifications, automate tasks, or link Telegram to your smart home devices in creative ways.

11. Babelgram Bot (@BabelgramBot)

  • What it does: Translates your messages into different languages.
  • Why it’s useful: Communicate with people who speak other languages, overcoming language barriers.

12. Combot (@combot)

  • What it does: A powerful moderation and administration bot for groups and channels. Helps fight spam, enforce rules, provide analytics, and automate tasks.
  • Why it’s useful: Essential for large groups, as it saves admins a ton of time on moderation.

13. Alert Bot (@alertbot)

  • What it does: Sets up custom alerts. Monitor prices, news, social media mentions, website changes, and more.
  • Why it’s useful: Stay on top of information important to you without constant manual checking.

14. Telegram AI Chatbots

  • What they do: Vary depending on the bot. Engage in conversation, get information, or have some creative text-based fun.
  • Why they’re useful: Experimentation. They’re not as advanced as large language models like ChatGPT, but can be interesting.


Telegram bots offer incredible potential to enhance the ways people interact and get things done within the Telegram platform. From staying informed to automating tasks, streamlining workflows, playing games, or simply adding some fun, there’s likely a Telegram bot out there for almost anything you can imagine.

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