12 Free Tools Every Creator Needs

Mukul Rana
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12 Free Tools Every Creator Needs

The creative landscape is constantly evolving, and artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the way we create content. From generating captivating visuals to streamlining workflows, AI tools are empowering creators of all levels to push boundaries and bring their ideas to life.

This article explores 12 free AI tools that can be valuable assets in your creative arsenal. We’ll delve into their functionalities, explore their strengths and weaknesses, and discuss how they can elevate your creative process.

Free Tools Every Creator Needs

  • Content Creation: DALL-E 3, Ideogram, Pika Labs
  • Audio & Music Production: Scispace, Waveformer, Mubert
  • Writing & Editing: Perplexity, Designer Microsoft
  • Transcription & Summarization: VOICIFY.AI, Suno.ai
  • Project Management & Brainstorming: Rask.ai, OpusClip

DALL-E 3 (Content Creation)

DALL-E 3 is a powerful AI image generation model created by OpenAI. It allows you to create photorealistic images and art from a simple text description.

How it Helps Creators:

DALL-E 3 can be a game-changer for visual content creators. Imagine describing a fantastical landscape or a detailed product concept, and DALL-E 3 brings it to life as a high-resolution image. This can be a great way to generate initial ideas, create unique visuals for presentations, or even spark inspiration for further creative exploration.

Pros & Cons

Generates incredibly realistic and creative images.Limited access (waitlist system).
Pushes the boundaries of visual content creation.May require some practice to refine prompts for desired results.
Ideal for brainstorming and generating initial concepts.Can be computationally expensive (may require paid access in the future).

Pricing: DALL-E 3 is currently in closed beta with limited access. However, OpenAI may introduce a free tier or pay-per-use system in the future.

Ideogram (Content Creation)

Ideogram is an AI-powered brainstorming tool that helps you generate creative content ideas. It analyzes your input and suggests relevant keywords, concepts, and associations.

How it Helps Creators:

Ideogram can be a valuable tool for overcoming creative block. Stuck on a project or unsure how to approach a concept? Simply feed Ideogram some keywords or a brief description, and it will provide a springboard of related ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Pros & Cons

Great for brainstorming sessions and generating new ideas.Suggestions may not always be directly relevant to your specific needs.
User-friendly interface and easy to use.Limited functionality compared to some paid brainstorming tools.
Helps break out of creative ruts and explore new possibilities.May require further refinement of ideas generated by Ideogram.

Pricing: Ideogram offers a free plan with limited features. Upgraded plans with additional functionalities are available for a monthly subscription fee.

Pika Labs (Content Creation)

Pika Labs is an AI-powered design tool that allows you to create unique and engaging illustrations. It provides a library of pre-made assets and uses AI to help you customize them to your specific needs.

How it Helps Creators:

Pika Labs can be a time-saving tool for creating high-quality illustrations. Whether you need visuals for social media posts, website graphics, or presentations, Pika Labs offers a user-friendly platform to quickly generate eye-catching illustrations.

Pros & Cons

Offers a vast library of pre-made illustrations and assets.Customization options may be limited compared to professional design software.
User-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality.May not be suitable for creating highly complex or detailed illustrations.
Great for creating quick and engaging visuals for various needs.Results may have a similar style due to the use of pre-made assets.

Pricing: Pika Labs offers a free plan with limited features and exports. Upgraded plans with additional features and higher export resolutions are available for a monthly subscription fee.

Scispace (Audio & Music Production)

Scispace is an AI-powered collaborative music creation platform. It allows musicians and producers to work together in real-time, share ideas, and use AI tools to enhance their creativity.

How it Helps Creators:

Scispace is ideal for musicians interested in exploring collaboration and experimentation. Its AI features can help generate chord progressions, melodies, and even suggest complementary instruments to enhance your compositions.

Pros & Cons

Fosters a collaborative environment for music creation.Might not be suitable for musicians seeking full control over every aspect of production.
AI tools can spark creativity and suggest new musical ideas.Learning curve with more complex features.
Real-time collaboration features for remote music-making.May not fully replace traditional Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) for advanced production.

Pricing: Scispace offers a free plan with basic functionalities. Upgraded plans with additional features and storage space are available for a monthly subscription fee.

Waveformer (Audio & Music Production)

Waveformer is a free and open-source audio editing software. It offers a range of tools for recording, editing, and mastering audio files.

How it Helps Creators:

Waveformer is a versatile tool for anyone working with audio. It’s great for podcast editing, simple music production, voice-over work, and cleaning up recordings.

Pros & Cons

Free and open-source software with regular updates.Interface may seem less intuitive for beginners coming from commercial audio editors.
Offers a good range of audio editing tools.Limited functionality compared to premium paid audio software.
Great for both basic and intermediate audio editing needs.May require additional plugins for more specialized tasks

Pricing: Waveformer is completely free to use.

Mubert (Audio and Music Production)

Mubert is an AI-powered music generation platform that lets you create royalty-free music tracks in various styles and moods.

How it Helps Creators:

Mubert is a fantastic solution for creators needing background music for videos, presentations, or games. You can customize the intensity, mood, and genre to find precisely the soundscape you need.

Pros & Cons

Quickly generate royalty-free music tracks.Customization options may be limited compared to creating music from scratch.
Wide variety of styles and moods to choose from.May not be suitable for creating highly specific or complex musical pieces.
Easy-to-use interface even for non-musicians.

Pricing: Mubert offers a free plan with limited downloads. Upgraded plans with additional downloads and features are available for a monthly subscription fee.

Perplexity (Writing & Editing)

Perplexity is an AI-powered search engine that directly answers your questions and provides citations. It’s like a more factual and informative alternative to ChatGPT.

How it Helps Creators:

Perplexity streamlines research for content creators. Instead of wading through multiple search results, it directly presents answers to your questions, saving time and effort.

Pros & Cons

Answers questions directly with citations.May not be as good with open-ended or creative prompts.
Makes the research process more efficient.Accuracy can vary, always verify information from multiple sources.
Useful for fact-checking and gathering quick information.

Pricing: Perplexity is free to use.

Designer Microsoft (Writing & Editing)

Microsoft Designer is an AI-powered graphic design tool integrated with Microsoft 365. It helps you create visually appealing social media posts, presentations, invitations, etc. using templates and AI-generated design ideas.

How it Helps Creators:

Designer Microsoft simplifies the design process for those without extensive design experience. It offers a quick and easy way to generate professional-looking visuals.

Pros & Cons

Easy to use with templates and AI suggestions.Customization options may be limited compared to dedicated design software.
Integrated into Microsoft 365 (if you’re a subscriber).May rely heavily on templates, limiting fully unique designs.
Great for creating basic, visually appealing graphics quickly.

Pricing: Designer Microsoft is free to use.

VOICIFY.AI (Transcription & Summarization)

VOICIFY.AI is an AI-powered transcription and summarization tool. It can transcribe audio and video files into text and generate concise summaries of recorded content.

How it Helps Creators:

VOICIFY.AI saves creators the hassle of manual transcription. It’s ideal for content repurposing, such as turning podcasts or video presentations into blog posts or summaries.

Pros & Cons

Transcribes audio and video with good accuracy.Accuracy can decrease with noisy recordings or multiple speakers.
Generates summaries of content.Summarization feature may not always capture the exact nuance of complex content.
Saves time and effort compared to manual transcription.May require some editing of the transcribed text for perfect accuracy.

Pricing: VOICIFY AI has a free plan with limited transcribing minutes. Upgraded plans with additional features and minutes are available with a monthly subscription fee.

Suno.ai (Transcription & Summarization)

Suno.ai is an AI-driven tool similar to VOICIFY.AI. It specializes in transcribing audio and video content while also providing summarization features.

How it Helps Creators:

Suno.ai simplifies the process of turning recorded content into various written formats, making it a valuable tool for repurposing audio and video resources across platforms.

Pros & Cons

Transcribes recordings quickly.Accuracy may decline with poor audio quality or background noise.
Summarization function helps to extract key points from recordings.Customization options for summaries may be limited.
Can be a time-saver for converting audio and video content into text..

Pricing: Suno.ai offers a free trial with limited usage. Paid plans offer extended features and usage limits.

OpusClip (Project Management & Brainstorming)

OpusClip is an AI-powered note-taking and knowledge management tool. It allows you to capture notes, ideas, and clips from various sources, organizing them in a central hub while leveraging AI suggestions for connections.

How it Helps Creators:

OpusClip aids in brainstorming and project management by streamlining the collection and organization of information. Its AI capabilities help make connections between concepts that might not be immediately obvious.

Pros & Cons

Centralized platform for storing notes, ideas, and clips.May take time to learn how to effectively use all the features.
AI suggestions can spark additional ideas and connections.Relies on the quality of your input to generate the best suggestions.
Helps organize information for projects.

Pricing: OpusClip has a free ‘Basic’ plan. They offer paid plans with expanded storage and additional features.

Rask.ai (Project Management & Brainstorming)

Rask.ai is an AI-powered project management tool that helps teams organize, plan, and prioritize tasks. It uses natural language processing to make task management easier.

How it Helps Creators:

Rask.ai is a boon for streamlined project management, especially for independent creators or small teams. It helps break down complex projects, assign tasks intelligently, and track progress.

Pros & Cons

Simplifies task management with AI assistance.May not be ideal for managing highly complex projects with multiple dependencies
User-friendly interface, especially for natural language input.Features may be limited compared to some dedicated paid project management tools.
Good for independent creators and small teams to stay organized.

Pricing: Rask.ai offers a free plan with limited features. They also have paid plans with increased features and collaboration options.


AI is rapidly changing the creative landscape, offering exciting possibilities for content creation, management, and inspiration. The tools listed above, even in their free versions, can significantly enhance your workflow.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and combine various AI tools. Remember, AI is designed to assist and amplify your creative abilities, not replace them. Embrace the possibilities and unlock your full potential as a creator!

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