7 Majedaar AI Tools you Should Try !

Mukul Rana
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A 20-year-old started a successful AI business, earning millions within a year using AI tools. AI tools for creating video thumbnails, overlays, and advanced AI applications can help in job tasks, saving time. AI tool with a notch-less design for image creation; free but may require some payment for additional features. AI tool for text-to-image conversion; various commands for easy image generation; useful for designers and creating thumbnails. AI tool allows automatic creation of various designs, including logos and vector artwork, from basic input.

7 Majedaar AI Tools

  • Introduction of a writer extension called “Grammarly” for professional responses to emails or messages.
  • Chart GPT, a writer extension, automates replies, making grammar fixes and email composition more efficient.
  • Voiceify tool discussed for creating collaboration songs by combining voices of famous figures like Modi, Ronaldo, and Arijit Singh.
  • Introduction to DALL-E 2, an open AI tool for image generation; provides results through a direct website access; generates four images per command for free.
  • Rasaak, a3D real-life image tool with different options; allows generating five images at once.
  • Adobe’s Firefly, a high-quality image generation tool with various options; provides AI-generated filters for images.
  • Ranve ML2 is a continuously updating AI tool that facilitates animation and various design tasks in a few minutes.
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