A Chinese company has created a battery that can drive a vehicle for 1000 kilometers on a single charge.

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Nio, a Chinese competitor to Tesla, has developed an electric vehicle (EV) battery with an impressive 1,000km range. CEO William Li, often likened to China’s Elon Musk, demonstrated the technology by driving for 14 hours on a single charge from Shanghai to Xiamen, covering 1,044km in a live-streamed event on December 17.

Li shared on Chinese social media site Weibo that his Nio ET7 electric car completed the entire journey without recharging, even in chilly weather, and finished with 3% battery charge remaining. The ET7 was equipped with Nio’s 150 kWh battery, claimed to have the highest energy density among mass-produced EV batteries, offering greater range than most competitors.

Despite Nio’s plans to mass-produce the 150 kWh batteries starting April 2024, they come with a hefty price tag of around 298,000 yuan ($42,100) if purchased separately—equal to the cost of a Tesla Model Y in China. Nio adopts a unique approach to EV charging, allowing customers to buy cars without a battery and subscribe to a monthly fee for access to Nio’s network of over 2,000 battery swap stations across China.

While this strategy has made Li a celebrity and drawn comparisons to Tesla’s Musk, Nio reportedly still incurs a $12,000 loss on each car, according to the company’s president Lihong Qin. Despite the financial challenges, Nio’s recent annual event, “Nio Day,” saw 10,000 owners gather in Xi’an to witness the unveiling of the company’s latest EV, the ET9 flagship. Nio did not provide immediate comments on a request from Business Insider made outside regular working hours.

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