AI Influencer Earn 9 Lakh Per Month Using this AI Tools

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AI Influencer

I will introduce you to an AI Influencer that does not exist in the world but it earns 9 Lakh per month using its face and some AI tools. In this article, I will reveal the most used AI tool to create this type of AI influencers. Most of the AI influencers are created using this AI tool, while some others are created using paid AI tools.

Meet Aitana Lopez, an AI influencer who exists in the real world but, according to the Indian Express website, this girl earns 9 Lakh per month.

Story of Aitana Lopez (Fit Aitana)

This AI influencer account started on July 7, 2023 with 0 followers but now, using simple and free AI tools, this AI influencer earns 9 Lakh per month. At the current time, it has 270k followers and millions of likes on its latest posts.

AI Tools Used for Creating AI Influencer

AI Influencer Creating Complete Process

Step 1

Generate the name of your AI Influencer using the Chat Gpt 4 by simply enter this prompt “Write the Unique and Easy to Read Name For the AI Influncer” You will get 10 – 20 names select on of them.

Step 2

Visit the Tensor Art and Paste this Prompt You Also Modify it (lovely cute young attractive indian girl, brown eyes, gorgeous actress, 23 years old, cute, an Instagram model, long blonde_hair, colorful hair, winter , Indian, wearing salwar-kameez and dupatta)

AI Influencer
AI Influencer

Step 3

Using the Face Swapping create the multiple images of your ai influncer by using this ai tool Face Swapping

Face Swapping
Face Swapping

Step 4

Create Instagram Channel Bio and Post Using the Chat GPT and Face Swapping techniques

AI Influencer
AI Influencer
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