5 AI Jobs People Are Sleeping On (Earn $6,000+ Monthly!)

Mukul Rana
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AI Jobs

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized how we work and presents a wealth of opportunities. While roles like AI engineers and data scientists attract attention, there’s a whole world of untapped AI-powered jobs that might surprise you. These positions offer lucrative income potential and require minimal technical expertise, making them excellent side hustles.

5 AI Jobs For Students

Job NameJob DescriptionJob Name
UI/UX Design with Uizard IODesign user interfaces and experiences using AI to transform hand-drawn designs into digital mockups.UI/UX Design with Uizard IO
AI-Powered Graphic Design with Flare AICreate logos, graphics, and marketing materials using AI-generated images.AI-Powered Graphic Design with Flare AI
AI-Assisted Transcription with Opus ProTranscribe audio and video files with high accuracy using an AI-powered transcription tool.AI-Assisted Transcription with Opus Pro
Website Building with 10Web IOBuild websites with an AI-powered website builder that handles technical aspects while you focus on design.Website Building with 10Web IO
Content Creation with Adobe’s Generative FillEdit images with AI to remove or replace objects seamlessly for creative projects.Content Creation with Adobe’s Generative Fill

UI/UX Design with Uizard IO

  • What it is: Uizard IO is an AI-powered platform that simplifies user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. It allows you to transform hand-drawn sketches into polished digital mockups, saving hours of work.
  • How to make money: Freelance as a UI/UX designer for clients needing websites or apps designed. Uizard IO speeds up your process, letting you take on more projects and boost your revenue.
  • Earning Potential: Experienced UI/UX designers can command high hourly rates or project-based fees. The $6,000 mark is achievable with consistent work.

AI-Powered Graphic Design with Flare AI

  • What it is: Flare AI is a tool for quickly generating visually stunning graphics, logos, and marketing materials. Its AI engine understands your ideas and produces images faster than traditional design software.
  • How to make money: Offer graphic design services on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. AI tools like Flare AI can streamline your workflow, making your services more attractive to potential clients.
  • Earning potential: Graphic design offers variable income, but experienced freelancers with good client relationships can generate a solid income. Supplement your skills with AI for efficiency and a creative edge.

AI-Assisted Transcription with Opus Pro

  • What it is: Opus Pro uses advanced AI to transcribe audio and video files with incredible accuracy. It handles different accents, industry jargon, and even multiple speakers seamlessly.
  • How to make money: Offer transcription services on freelance platforms or directly to businesses needing podcasts, interviews, or webinars transcribed. This AI tool increases your productivity and the number of projects you can complete.
  • Earning potential: Transcription rates vary, but high-quality work and specialization in lucrative niches can easily push you toward a healthy side hustle income.

Website Building with 10Web IO

  • What it is: 10Web IO is an automated website builder with AI that handles the technical side of web development. You focus on drag-and-drop design, with AI offering smart suggestions and optimizations.
  • How to make money: Similar to UI/UX design, freelance web building is in demand. This tool makes it accessible to less technical individuals who can focus on client needs and design.
  • Earning potential: Web design projects command decent fees, and AI can help you complete them faster with high quality, making several thousand dollars per month attainable.

Content Creation with Adobe’s Generative Fill

  • What it is: Adobe’s Generative Fill (part of Photoshop) uses AI to automatically remove or replace elements within images seamlessly. This dramatically speeds up photo editing for creative projects.
  • How to make money: You can offer image editing, retouching, or manipulation services for individuals needing product photos, social media assets, or creative work.
  • Earning potential: Photo and image editing is in consistent demand, and specializing in advanced AI-assisted techniques can attract higher-paying clients.

Getting Started

The beauty of these side hustles is their accessibility. Most of these platforms offer free trials or basic plans, allowing you to experiment before committing. You can also find tons of tutorials and communities online to help you learn.

Important Note: While the $6,000 mark is possible, your earnings depend on your skills, dedication, and marketing ability. Start by honing your craft, building a portfolio, and reaching out for clients. Success takes some effort, but AI makes it increasingly achievable!

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