21 AI Tools For Graphic Designing

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AI Tools for Graphic Design

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the world, and the field of graphic design is no exception. Today, AI-powered tools are empowering designers to push creative boundaries, streamline workflows, and unlock new levels of efficiency and innovation. From generating unique imagery to automating tedious tasks, AI is changing the way we create visual content.

AI Helps You in 4 Ways of Graphic Designing

  • Idea Generation and Inspiration: AI can be a boundless source of fresh ideas. Tools can analyze trends, suggest visual styles, or surprise you with unexpected combinations. This sparks creativity and helps overcome creative blocks.
  • Image Generation and Manipulation: AI-powered image generators can produce stunning visuals from simple text descriptions. These tools offer a faster, and often more accessible approach than starting from scratch within traditional design software. Furthermore, image manipulation tools can intelligently change backgrounds, edit facial features, or apply artistic effects in seconds.
  • Productivity Boost: AI’s potential lies in handling repetitive and routine work. It can automate tasks like color palette generation, image resizing, background removal, and smart object selection. This frees up precious time for focusing on the core design concepts.
  • Accessibility: AI-enhanced features within design software bring sophisticated techniques to designers of various skill levels. Complex image editing, 3D modeling, and animation creation become more accessible, widening the field to more creative people.

21 AI Tools for Graphic Design

Tool NameCategoryHow It’s Helpful
DALL-E (OpenAI)Image GenerationCreates realistic or artistic images from detailed text descriptions.
MidjourneyImage GenerationOffers a text-based interface for generating complex and stylized images.
Jasper ArtImage GenerationGenerates multiple unique images using text prompts, along with offering editing and enhancement tools.
Adobe SenseiIntegrated AI FeaturesAugments Adobe’s creative suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) with AI-driven editing, selection, and transformation tools.
KhromaColor Palette CreationUses AI to generate harmonious color palettes and identify colors from images.
Remove.bgBackground RemovalInstantly removes backgrounds from images with high accuracy, ideal for product photos or complex scenes.
Let’s EnhanceImage EnhancementImproves image resolution, reduces noise, and intelligently sharpens details using AI algorithms.
Deep Dream GeneratorArtistic EffectsApplies various painting styles and dream-like effects to existing images.
AutodrawVector DrawingSuggests well-drawn icons or objects as you doodle, facilitating quick idea sketching.
UizardUI PrototypingTransforms hand-drawn sketches into wireframes or basic UI designs.
Designs.aiMultipurpose Design ToolOffers a suite of AI-powered tools including logo makers, video generators, and social media graphics creation.
Lumen5Video CreationHelps turn existing text content into engaging videos with AI-suggested visuals and layouts.
RunwayMLImage and Video EditingRange of AI features for image manipulation, green screen replacement, and advanced video editing tasks.
ArtbreederCharacter CreationAllows you to blend and morph images to create unique portraits, characters, or creatures.
StockAIStock Image FinderSearches for relevant stock images using natural language descriptions.
PatternCoolerPattern GeneratorCreates seamless, customizable patterns using an AI-powered editor.
FontjoyFont PairingHelps you discover harmonious font combinations using AI analysis.
Copy.aiCopywritingGenerates marketing copy, product descriptions, and various text formats with AI assistance.
This Person Does Not ExistPortrait GenerationCreates eerily realistic (and completely fake) portrait photos of people. Fascinating for inspiration if used ethically.
IllustrokeSVG EditingManipulate SVG vector graphics through text commands. For those comfortable with code.
Nvidia CanvasConcept SketchingConvert basic shapes and color blobs into photorealistic landscapes using AI.
AI Tools For Graphic Designing

1. DALL-E (OpenAI)

A powerful image-generation tool capable of remarkably realistic or artistic creations based on detailed text input.

Incredible versatilityCan be expensive to use regularly
high-quality resultsresults occasionally less consistent than some competitors.
potential for vast creative exploration——

Key Points

  • Text-to-image generation with incredible variety
  • Can mimic diverse art styles
  • Still under development so features continue to be added

2. Midjourney

Similar in concept to DALL-E but focused on producing more artistic, stylized images. It operates through a Discord server.

Community-driven inspirationRequires some familiarity with Discord’s interface
excels at imaginative visualscan be competitive to get image generation slots.
potential for unique artistic results——

Key Points

  • Focus on stylistic and atmospheric images
  • Built-in community aspect for sharing and feedback
  • Requires understanding of descriptive prompts

3. Jasper Art

An image generator integrated into the broader Jasper AI writing platform, also offers image editing tools.

Prons Cons
Multiple image generation optionsMay lack the fine-grain control of some dedicated image generators
direct integration with text and copywriting tools——
user-friendly interface——
Jasper Art

Key Points

  • Built-in editing and enhancement tools
  • Convenient if already using Jasper AI for writing
  • Streamlined workflow in one platform

4. Adobe Sensei

A collection of AI features embedded within Adobe’s Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)

Seamless integration with familiar design softwareRequires an active Adobe subscription
wide range of AI-powered editing and optimization tools—–
constantly evolving feature set—–
Adobe Sensei

Key Points

  • Intelligent selection and masking
  • Content-aware fill
  • Neural filters for stylistic transformations

5. Khroma

Specifically focused on color analysis and palette generation. Can extract colors from images for inspiration.

Generates harmoniousMore niche focus compared to multipurpose tools
customizable palettes—–
helpful for branding and design consistency—–

Key Points

  • AI-powered color suggestions
  • Ability to save and organize palettes
  • Color extraction tools

6. Remove.bg

Specialized in quickly and cleanly removing backgrounds from images with a single click. Ideal for product photography or complex scenes.

Extremely fast and accurateFor very complex backgrounds
intuitive interfaceminor manual tweaking may be needed
free for basic use—–

Key Points

  • Handles a variety of image formats
  • API integration for automation
  • Batch background removal options

7. Let’s Enhance

Enhances image resolution, reduces noise, and intelligently sharpens details using AI.

Restores old or low-resolution photosPremium features can be pricy for large-scale work
improves overall image quality—–
free for basic features—–
Let’s Enhance

Key Points

  • Upscaling without sacrificing detail
  • Noise reduction for clearer images
  • Can enlarge images drastically

8. Deep Dream Generator

Applies a wide variety of artistic and dreamlike transformations to your images

Unique and often unexpected resultsCan produce visually overwhelming or messy outputs if not used carefully
 fun for creative experimentation.—–
Deep Dream Generator

Key Points

  • Numerous artistic filter styles
  • “Deep dream” effect for surreal creations

9. Autodraw

A web-based tool that upgrades your rough doodles into neat, professional-looking icons and simple graphics.

Super accessible for anyoneLimited to basic icon-like drawings.

great for quick sketching ideas—–

Key Points

  • AI-powered drawing suggestions as you sketch
  • Large library of icons to search from

10. Uizard

Turns hand-drawn sketches into basic UI designs or wireframes for early prototyping

Fast concept creationDoesn’t replace the need for fully developed UI design tools.
good for initial wireframing.—–

Key Points

  • Exports into various formats
  • Can be used offline

11. Designs.ai

A comprehensive platform for graphic design, video creation, and more, with a heavy emphasis on AI-powered generation tools.

Wide range of features in a single platformMay lack the fine-grain control of more specialized design tools.
template-driven for fast creation.—–

Key Points

  • Logo maker
  • Social media graphics generator
  • Marketing video creation tools

12. Lumen5

Specializes in turning blog posts or articles into engaging videos by suggesting visuals and layouts.

Easy way to repurpose contentLess customizable than dedicated video editing software
integrates with stock image libraries.—–
fast video creation process—–

Key Points

  • Automatic text highlighting and layout
  • Variety of visual themes and templates

13. RunwayML

Robust tool for image and video editing, with advanced AI features like rotoscoping and background removal.

Tackles complex editing tasksCan be overwhelming for beginners
wide range of AI features continue to be addedrelatively expensive

Key Points

  • Green-screen replacement
  • Image generation and inpainting tools
  • Motion tracking features

14. Artbreeder

Lets you blend existing images (photos or artwork) to create entirely new portraits, characters, or creatures.

Unique concept for character and creature designCan be difficult to achieve highly specific results without careful tweaking
intuitive interface for blending images—–

Key Points

  • Fine-control over morphed image features
  • Potential ethical considerations for using realistic portraits

15. StockAI

Searches for stock images using natural language descriptions, making it easier to find relevant visuals.

Saves time compared to keyword searchesAccuracy depends on how well you describe your needs
good for finding niche or conceptual images—–

Key Points

  • Filters for image style and orientation

16. PatternCooler

Provides tools to easily design and customize seamless patterns using AI suggestions.

Generates a huge variety of patternsFree version is somewhat limited in features
user-friendly editing options—–

Key Points

  • Includes inspiration gallery
  • Can export patterns in various formats

17. Fontjoy

Helps you find visually harmonious font pairings based on AI-driven analysis.

Takes the guesswork out of font selectionLess control compared to manually choosing every font.
suggests unexpected but complementary combinations—–

Key Points

  • Ability to lock in specific fonts
  • Adjusts pairing suggestions based on contrast and similarity

18. Copy.ai

AI-powered writing tool that generates various text formats, including marketing copy, product descriptions, and social media posts.

Overcomes writer’s blockOutput needs careful reviewing and may require editing for originality and tone.
good idea starting point—–

Key Points

  • Multiple tone of voice options
  • Can generate both creative and factual text types

19. This Person Does Not Exist

Generates photorealistic, entirely fictional portraits of people with uncanny accuracy.

Fascinating conceptRaises ethical concerns about deepfakes and the spread of misinformation
can be inspirational if used ethically—–

Key Points

  • Images refresh each time the website loads
  • Primarily a demonstration of AI’s capability

20. Illustroke

Lets you modify vector graphics (SVG format) using simple text commands. Requires a bit more technical understanding.

Unique concept and potentially very efficient for experienced users.Steep learning curve for those unfamiliar with code-like editing principles.

Key Points

  • Best for editing existing SVGs, not full design creation
  • Requires knowledge of CSS-like properties

21. Nvidia Canvas

Focused on landscape painting, lets you convert basic shapes and colors into photorealistic landscapes using AI.

Intuitive interfaceStill in Beta testing
unique generative painting capabilitieslimited to landscape generation specifically
Nvidia Canvas

Key Points

  • Material selection (snow, grass, etc.)
  • Real-time feedback as you paint


AI is not here to replace graphic designers. Instead, it’s a powerful tool that can expand what designers are capable of. The most effective approach is not to rely on AI as a crutch, but to integrate it strategically into your workflow. This means using it to enhance, not automate, your creative process.

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