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Eleven Lab AI Tool – Most of the People ask me on the YouTube which ai tool audio is most use in the world. According to me the most the most use ai tool audios from eleven lab. It have mainly two reasons onces eleven lab provide’s you free trail without credit card. In today’s article I will provide you the information about the top used ai tools audio in the YouTube Videos.

Eleven Lab AI Tools Audio List

Eleven Lab AI Tool grap the market day by day. It provides the super cool features to the users like it provides the “Voice Library” to their free and paid both user.

Eleven Lab AI Voices Gender Description
NealMale A deep, strong old male American accent. Great for narration.
AdamMale This Voice is Pre Creted Voice by Eleven Lab
Bruce Male Deep American Narrator Voice
WayneMale This Voice is cool, calm, and deep.
Natasha Female A valley girl female voice. Great for shorts.
JoanneFemale Young american woman. A soft and pleasent voice for a great character.
SashaFemale A young girl with a chill tone, perfect for casual conversations.
PaolaFemale A gentle but confience young woman’s voice with an American accent. Would work well in a conversation.
SallyFemale Young american woman. A relaxed voice for good conversations
Dan Dan MaleAn upbeat and modulate voice. Great for shorts and social media.
Eleven Lab AI Tool Voices

Adam Voice

Adam is a pre – define audio which is suggested by the 11 lab officially. You do not need to add this voice from the voice library.

Features of Adam Voice

1) American Voice
2) Deep Voice
3) Narration Voice


This voice is used for many purposes like you can create quotes videos from this voice you can create a full video with this voice.

Features of Bruce Voice

1) This is a deep voice with the help of this voice you can create quotes.
2) This is a best voice for the story videos and horror videos.

Audio Sample

Neal Voice

This character voice you can hear in the many videos because this audio is very and very realistic which add the value in your video.

Features of Neal Voice

1) This character voice is most viral.
2) It is used in many and many videos
3) This voice is mostly use in the motivational reels


This voice is another great voice which is found in the voice library this voice provid you American narrator which speak what you want.

Features of Wayne

1) It is a American narrator.
2) Speak in cool and calm audio.


This is a another great voice from 11 lab but this voice have a twist this is a female voice which speak a like vally girl.

Features of Natasha Voice

1) This female voice is used in many shorts.
2) This is a valley girl female voice.


This is a young American woman with the soft and peasant voice this voice is mainly for the funny videos.

Features of Joanne

1) Used in funny audios.
2) Female voice with soft sound.


This is a another female voice. This young girl voice is a chill tone perfect for casual conversions. With the help of this voice you can generate a voice like your friend who talking you.

Features of Sasha Voice

1) Use this voice for casual conversations
2) This voice speak like conversion your friends.

Dan Dan

This is a great voice for Youtuber because many voices in the level lab is only for quotes audio but this is a single voice which I think is a perfect for short creators who make videos in different categories apart of quotes

Features of Dan Dan

1) Short videos apart for quotes.
2) Voice is very decent like Indian speakers.

These are the some voice in the 11 lab library. If you want I will make a another article for this topic please share this article with your friends.

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