Generate Text to Speech Audio Free: 123 Apps Review

Mukul Rana
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Now we discussed about the 123 apps. It have new feature with the help of its feature you can translate your text into speech which is interesting but most interesting part of this website is this is absolutely free. In today’s article we will discuss about this AI tool from the basic like how to use it and how to text to speech AI tool work. 

123 APp Review

123 App Does not require your money you only upload your script or also you write your script on the website this website is mind blowing with the help of this website you can do multiple tasks like 

  1. Video Editor
  2. Screen Recorder
  3. Text to Speech
  4. Merge Videos
  5. Add Audio to Video
  6. Trim Video
  7. Add Image to Video
  8. Add Text to Video
  9. Remove Logo from Video
  10. Crop Video
  11. Rotate Video
  12. Flip Video
  13. Resize Video
  14. Loop Video
  15. Change Volume
  16. Change Video Speed
  17. Stabilize Video
  18. Video Recorder


Test To Speech 123 App

text to speech online

 Now we talk about the text to speech feature of this website. You can generate audio in multiple language like English Hindi and many one that you want. You also adjust the pitch of the voice. You also select the voice that will be male or female. Most important part of this website is that you can download your voice freely. 

Prons and Cons of 123 Apps

123 App Pricing

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