How to build ai tools step by step with chat gpt

Mukul Rana
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build ai tools

Creating a artificial intelligence tool using the Chat GPT is very easy but we need follow the four steps to get our desired ai tool 🔥.

Build AI Tools using the chat GPT is not complicated. We need to follow the some simple steps like first we confirm what I create then I write proper prompt for this AI tool after that we have some basic knowledge about the coding if you have nothing no about the coding then you will also use the chat GPT for further check after this three steps we have only remain one step where I run our ai tool.

Build AI Tool Step By Step

1) Idea What I Create.
2) Write a Proper Prompt for it.
3) Customised Our Code According to Our Need.
4) Host our AI Tool on the Hostinger.

Idea What I Create

For example we need to create AI tool which can generate 10 titles related our niche but we remind what language we know because we nothing not know the any language we can understand the code.

Write a Proper Prompt For it.

Chat GPT – Your are a Experience Coder Who Create a AI Tool Using the HTML, CSS, & Js. Where you get the information from the user about their niche then you provide the ten best titles according to their niche.

Customised the Code According to Our Requirements.


CSS Code

Js Code


YouTube Title Generator

YouTube Title Generator

Host our AI Tool.

Hostinger is a best platform where you host your AI tool. If you use our affiliate link I will provide this plugins and theme free.

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