Banishing the Bot: How to Get Rid of My AI on Snapchat

Mukul Rana
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How to Get Rid of My AI on Snapchat

“My AI,” the ever-present chatbot companion on Snapchat, can be a useful tool for some, but its constant presence can be unwelcome for others. While a complete removal isn’t currently possible, here’s how to reclaim your chat feed and minimize My AI’s impact, depending on your Snapchat subscription status:

For Snapchat+ Users:

  • Remove My AI from Your Chat Feed: Say goodbye to the permanent pin! Simply tap and hold My AI in your chat list, select “Chat Settings,” and then “Clear from Chat Feed.” This effectively hides My AI from your chats, though it still exists within your account.
  • Unpin My AI for Occasional Interaction: If you find yourself using My AI occasionally, you can unpin it without completely removing it. Follow the same steps as above, but choose “Unpin” instead of “Clear from Chat Feed.” My AI will then appear alongside your other chats, readily accessible when needed.

For Free Snapchat Users:

  • Clear Your My AI Conversation History: While you can’t hide My AI, you can erase your past interactions. From your profile screen, tap Settings > Clear My Data > Clear Conversations. Select the “X” next to My AI to remove your chat history.
  • Limit Interactions: Minimize My AI’s presence by simply ignoring it. Don’t initiate conversations or respond to its prompts. My AI learns from your interactions, so over time, its unsolicited prompts should decrease.

Additional Tips:

  • Send Feedback: Let Snapchat know your thoughts! Use the “Shake to Report” feature within My AI chats or submit feedback through Settings > Support. The more user feedback the platform receives, the more likely they are to implement changes.
  • Consider Switching Apps: If My AI proves too intrusive, consider using alternative messaging platforms that offer more granular control over chat features.

Remember, “My AI” is still under development, and Snapchat may introduce additional control options in the future. Until then, utilize these steps to manage your AI companion and create a more comfortable Snapchat experience.

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