How to Use Bing AI & 5 Prompts For AI Images

Mukul Rana
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Bing AI

Bing AI is a Very Powerful AI Tool Which can create images “What You Think” but main disadvantage of Bing AI is it need proper and we’ll written prompts by everyone is not write the good prompt so, in this article I will guide you how to use Bing AI and also Provides the 5 Most Popular Images Prompt like Instagram DP image Prompt, Wing AI Image Prompts and many more.

How to use Bing AI?

Download the Bing Browser From Play Store in Your Mobile 📱 than Go to the Apps Section that are available on footer section. Select “Image Creators”.

Note – During to Start Creating Image’s You need Sign Up on Bing Browser.

Then, enter prompt in the text Area. Congratulation your images will be created.

Step by Step 🪜 Process

1) Download Bing Browser From Play Store.
2) Sign Up Your Account.
3) Access the Apps Section in the Footer.
4) Select the “Image Creator” Section.
5) Enter your prompt in the text area.
6) Congratulation your images will be created.

Bing AI Prompt For Image Creation

Instagram DP image
Bing Image Generator
Wings Name Art
Bing AI Image
Bing AI Image


Bing AI is a very powerful app which can create images just you magazine it work very fast and accurate.

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