Meta AI: Breathe Life into Your WhatsApp Chats with Animated Images

Mukul Rana
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Meta AI

Meta AI, the powerful AI assistant integrated within WhatsApp, offers more than just generating creative images based on your prompts. You can now take those images and add a touch of animation, transforming them into fun and engaging GIFs! This functionality adds a whole new dimension to your WhatsApp communication, allowing you to express yourself in a more dynamic and visually interesting way.

How to Use Meta AI to Create Animated Images in WhatsApp

There are two ways to interact with Meta AI to create animated images:

  • Using the Dedicated Meta AI Icon: If available, you’ll see a blue circle icon at the top of your WhatsApp chat interface. Clicking this icon opens a dedicated chat window for Meta AI.
  • Summoning Meta AI Within Chats: Alternatively, you can use Meta AI directly within your chats. Simply type “@MetaAI” followed by your prompt in the message field and send it.

Here’s the exciting part:

  • Request an Image: Once you’ve opened the chat window, describe the image you want using clear and concise language. The more details you provide, the better Meta AI can understand your vision.
  • Animate the Image: After receiving your generated image, reply to the chat with your animation request for Meta AI.

Meta AI will then process your request and generate a short animation based on the original image.

Important Note: Currently, you cannot directly request an animated GIF from Meta AI. You need to generate the image first and then request animation for it.

Fun and Engaging Ways to Use Meta AI’s Animated Images

With Meta AI’s animation capabilities, you can:

  • Liven Up Greetings: Birthday wishes, congratulations, or even a simple “hello” can be transformed into something more special with a touch of animation.
  • Express Yourself More Clearly: Sometimes, actions speak louder than words. A funny animated image can perfectly capture a situation or emotion.
  • Boost Group Chats: Add some humor and interactivity to your group chats with creative animated GIFs.

Remember: Meta AI is still under development, and the animation features might not be available to all users yet. Additionally, the animation capabilities are still being refined, so the complexity of the animations might be limited for now.


Meta AI’s ability to create and animate images opens doors to a more expressive and engaging way to communicate on WhatsApp. As the technology continues to develop, we can expect even more advanced animation features and greater control over the creative process. So, next time you’re chatting on WhatsApp, don’t hesitate to experiment with Meta AI and bring your conversations to life!

FAQ on Meta AI Animated Images in WhatsApp

Q: How do I access Meta AI’s animation features?

A: The animation feature is part of Meta AI’s image generation capabilities. You can access it by following the steps mentioned above for generating images and then requesting animation for the created image.

Q: Can I directly create animated GIFs with Meta AI?

A: No, currently you cannot directly request an animated GIF. You need to generate a static image first and then request animation for it.

Q: Are there any limitations to the animations Meta AI can create?

A: As the technology is still under development, the animations might be limited in complexity. Additionally, the feature might not be available to all users yet.

Q: Is there any privacy concern when using Meta AI to create animated images?

A: Meta advises that conversations with Meta AI are not end-to-end encrypted. It’s always best to avoid sharing sensitive information through Meta AI.

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