Prompt Meaning in Tamil: Translation and Examples

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Prompt Meaning in Tamil

In the vast world of languages, words often carry multiple meanings and nuances. The English word “prompt” is one such example, holding various interpretations depending on the context. If you’re interested in understanding the Tamil equivalent of “prompt” and its various uses, this article is for you. We’ll delve into its translations, provide examples, and explore the word’s diverse applications.

Prompt Meaning in Tamil

The word “prompt” has several Tamil translations, each capturing a slightly different aspect of its meaning. Here are the most common translations:

  • உடனடி (Udanati): This signifies immediacy, quickness, or without delay.
  • தூண்டுதல் (Thoondutal): This refers to an urge, stimulus, or something that motivates action.
  • விரைவு (Viraivu): This implies swiftness, speed, or doing something at the earliest opportunity.

Examples of “Prompt” in Tamil

Let’s illustrate how these translations work in real-life Tamil sentences:

  • அவள் உடனடியாக பதிலளித்தாள். (Aval Udanatiyaaga Pathilalikthaal) – She responded promptly.
  • ஆசிரியரின் தூண்டுதல் மாணவர்களை கடினமாக உழைக்க வைத்தது. (Aasiriyarin Thoondutal Maanavargalai Kadinamaga Uழaikka Vaithathu) – The teacher’s prompt motivated the students to work hard.
  • உங்கள் விரைவான சேவைக்கு நன்றி. (Ungal Viraivana Sevaiக்கு Nanri) – Thank you for your prompt service.

Additional Uses of “Prompt”

Beyond these core meanings, “prompt” can be used in several other ways in Tamil:

  • குறிப்பு (Kurippu): In contexts like theater or presentations, “prompt” can refer to a cue or reminder for someone to say their lines.
  • கட்டளை வரி (KattaLai Vari): In computer terminology, “prompt” (typically translated as கட்டளை வரி) indicates the place where you enter commands.

Understanding Nuances

Choosing the right Tamil translation for “prompt” depends on the specific situation. Consider these points:

  • Urgency: If emphasizing immediate action, உடனடி (Udanati) is your best choice.
  • Motivation: If focusing on inspiring someone to act, தூண்டுதல் (Thoondutal) fits well.
  • Speed: If highlighting swiftness, விரைவு (Viraivu) is ideal.


The English word “prompt” packs a surprising amount of meaning, which the Tamil language beautifully reflects in its different translations. By understanding these translations and examples, you’ll enrich your Tamil vocabulary and communication skills. As you continue to explore both languages, keep in mind the subtle differences in shades of meaning that make language learning so fascinating!

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