Prompt meaning in Telugu

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Prompt meaning in Telugu

In today’s fast-paced world, filled with English instructions and interactions, understanding words like “prompt” is essential. This article breaks down the various meanings of “prompt” and gives you their Telugu equivalents for better understanding. Let’s dive in!

What does “prompt” mean?

In English, the word “prompt” holds several meanings, often depending on its use as a noun, verb, or adjective. Here’s a breakdown:

Prompt as an Adjective

  • Quick and Timely: When “prompt” describes an action, it indicates being done immediately or without delay.
    • Example: “The customer service team provided a prompt response to my query.”
    • Telugu Translation: శీఘ్రమైన (Sheeghramain), తక్షణ (Thakshana)
  • Punctual: “Prompt” also means arriving or acting at the expected time.
    • Example: “Please be prompt for the meeting; it starts at 10 AM sharp.”
    • Telugu Translation: సమయపాలన (Samayapaalana)
  • Ready and Willing: If someone is described as “prompt”, it means they are eager to get something done.
    • Example: “The students were prompt in following the teacher’s instructions.”
    • Telugu Translation: చురుకైన (Churukaina), సిద్ధంగా ఉన్న (Siddhamga Unna)

Prompt as a Verb

  • To Encourage or Motivate: “To prompt” someone means to push them towards an action or decision.
    • Example: “The low attendance numbers prompted the organizers to change the event date.”
    • Telugu Translation: ప్రేరేపించడం (Preripinchadam), ప్రోత్సహించడం (Protsaahinchadam)
  • To Assist with Remembering: In theater or presentations, “to prompt” means to remind someone of their lines or cues.
    • Example: “The actor had to be prompted several times during the rehearsal.”
    • Telugu Translation: గుర్తు చేయడం (Gurthu Cheyadam)

Prompt as a Noun

  • A Reminder or Cue: A “prompt” can be a question or instruction that initiates action or thought.
    • Example: “The writing prompt inspired the student to write a beautiful essay.”
    • Telugu Translation: సూచన (Soochana), ప్రశ్న (Prashna)
  • In Technology: In computer interfaces, a “prompt” is a message or symbol that requests user input.
  • In Business: “Prompt payment” means a timely payment made as agreed.
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